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Skin problem?
Receive fast and reliable advice from a dermatologist.

Upload photos and describe your problem. The dermatologist will review your skin condition and send you a diagnosis with treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours on average.
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Skindr Co-founder
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatoloog & Mede-oprichter Skindr

How it works

Your dermatologist, close at hand.

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Create a Skindr-account and describe your skin problem

  • Start a Skindr consultation using the button below. Create an account with your personal email address.
  • Upload a detail and overview photo and description of your skin problem and send it to the dermatologist.
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Receive advice with diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription

  • The dermatologist will look at your photos, analyse your skin problem and send you an answer within 48h on average.
  • Your prescription is immediately available on your electronic identity card (BE) or your prescription is ready at your pharmacy (NL)

The best care, at your fingertips.

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Immediate contact with a dermatologist

Do not wait months for an appointment. On average, you will receive a diagnosis with treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours.

More than 10,000 satisfied patients

We already helped more than 10,000 patients receive fast, the best treatment for their specific skin condition.

Safe and confidential consultation

All your data (including your photos) will be kept confidential and protected in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Our first-class medical team is at your service.

Our medical team consists of experienced certified dermatologists for whom the patient is always the focus. Our dermatologists take the time to listen extensively to your personal story. No rushed consultations, just quick advice and professional guidance.
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Skindr Co-founder

Receive a €20 discount on a Skindr consultation. Offered by Eurofins PSS Belgium/Netherlands