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Upload photos and describe your problem. The dermatologist will review your skin condition and send you a diagnosis with treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours on average.
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Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Co-founder Skindr
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Co-founder Skindr
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your skin problem.

Immediate contact with a dermatologist

Don't wait months for an appointment. You will receive a diagnosis with treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours on average.

More than 10,000 satisfied patients

We already helped more than 10,000 patients receive fast, the best treatment for their specific skin condition.

Safe and confidential consultation

We are certified Belgian and Dutch dermatologists. All your data (including your photos) will be treated confidentially.
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Our patients speak out.


Very quick response and good follow-up without months of waiting. Very nice experience and I can recommend it to anyone.
Helped in 30 hours

Great help with follow-up advice

"We used Skindr when we needed help fast and couldn't find a dermatologist anywhere who could see us within six months. We received a quick response, a thorough explanation and the prescriptions were neatly written on our ID card each time. We were helped well and were also given follow-up advice. Highly recommended!"
Helped in 23 hours

No waiting time, immediate help

"I got to know Skindr while scrolling on Instagram. As a mom with young children, long waiting times at dermatologists quickly caused procrastination, which only exacerbated my son's problem. Skindr is a breath of fresh air, just a few hours later we knew what to do and I was able to ask additional questions. Super! I definitely recommend it!"
Helped in 11 hours


I received help from a fantastic doctor who has the right knowledge and lots of patience. Super satisfied.
Helped in 18 hours

Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience! Started a consultation on Sunday morning, received response and prescription on my ID card by evening. No hassle and no weeks of waiting.
Helped in 28 hours

Reassured by a real doctor

Highly recommend if you are worried about a mole and have to wait four months for a consultation. Now you can get a professional answer within one day.
Helped in 16 hours

How does it work?


Upload photos and describe your skin condition

  • Describe your skin problem using a short questionnaire
  • Upload photos of your skin condition
  • Pay securely online via your chosen payment method (the price per consultation is €39)
  • Your photos and data are stored securely
How it works (25sec).

The dermatologist examines your condition

  • Based on your description and your photos, the dermatologist will make a diagnosis
  • The dermatologist then presents you with a personalized treatment including prescription
  • The dermatologist sends you everything
How it works (25sec).

Receive advice with treatment plan and prescription

  • Your prescription is immediately available on your electronic identity card (BE) or at your pharmacy (NL)
  • You will have plenty of time to ask any additional questions you may have via chat to your dermatologist
How it works (25sec).

Our first-class medical team is here for you.

Our medical team consists of experienced certified dermatologists for whom the patient is always the focus. Our dermatologists take the time to listen extensively to your personal story. No rushed consultations, just quick advice and professional guidance.
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Co-founder Skindr
How it works (25sec).

Skin condition?

Get advice from a certified dermatologist.
Receive professional and reliable advice from certified dermatologists
Avoid waiting weeks or months for a dermatologist appointment
We treat your data in full compliance with the privacy regulations.
How it works (25sec).

Frequently Asked Questions

How qualified are the Skindr dermatologists?

The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr are qualified and certified dermatologists who usually have their own practice or work in a hospital.

What if medication is needed? How will I receive my prescription?

If you need medication, the Skindr dermatologist will prescribe it and it will be available on your ID card. If you are abroad and need a prescription in pdf form, you can ask your dermatologist during the consultation.

What does average waiting time mean?

Waiting times in dermatology add up to several months. Skindr wants to actively address this by optimizing communication with your dermatologist. The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr try to answer your consultation as quickly as possible and on average within 48 hours. Weekends and nights are excluded from working hours.

Can I start a consultation for my child?

To use Skindr, you must be at least 18 years old. As a parent, however, you can request a consultation for your minor child. It works as follows:

1) You will be asked to upload photos and provide a description of your child's skin condition.

2) Then you can check off who the consultation is for. You can enter your child's information.

3) Finally, fill in your own contact information .

You, as the parent, will do the communication with the doctor. Of course, this can also be used for other family members or persons you are acting for.

What is the cost of a Skindr consultation?

A consultation with a dermatologist via Skindr costs €39. The doctor reviews your information and photos and sends you an advice and possibly a prescription for the necessary medication. You can ask additional questions to your dermatologist via chat.

Is a Skindr consultation reimbursed through health insurance?

There is no refund for a consultation via Skindr. For a consultation at the dermatologist's office, you pay between €50 and €90 in Belgium. Most dermatologists charge €55 for an in-office consultation. You get €21 of that back through your health insurance company. You pay about the same via Skindr in most cases. The average waiting time for an in-office consultation in Belgium is 4 months, but 6 months or more is no exception. With Skindr, you get an answer on average within 48 hours and you don't have to travel.

Reliable advice from a dermatologist has never been closer.

How it works (25sec).