Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Skindr consultation work?

1. After registering, you can upload photos of your skin condition and give a detailed description to the dermatologist  via your smartphone.

2. Your dermatologist may ask for additional information or additional photos. If necessary, the dermatologist will contact you by phone.

3. The dermatologist will give an advice and suggest a treatment plan. Any prescriptions for medication will be added immediately on your ID card.

4. You will receive a notification from Skindr when your doctor has responded.

5. The have the opportunity to ask additional questions through the platform until the consultation is closed by your dermatologist (usually after one week).

Will my photos be kept confidential?

Sure. As part of your medical record and in line with GDPR legislation, photos are stored on secure servers in a controlled environment. Our strict security and privacy standards ensure the absolute protection of your personal information. Therefore, your patient record will not be shared with anyone who does not have the authority to do so. Please review our terms & conditions and privacy policy if you would like more information.

What does average waiting time mean?

Waiting times in dermatology add up to several months. Skindr wants to actively address this by optimizing communication with your dermatologist. The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr try to answer your consultation as quickly as possible and on average within 48 hours. Weekends and nights are excluded from working hours.

What if medication is needed? How will I receive my prescription?

If you need medication, the Skindr dermatologist will prescribe it and it will be available on your ID card. If you are abroad and need a prescription in pdf form, you can ask your dermatologist during the consultation.

How qualified are the Skindr dermatologists?

The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr are qualified and certified dermatologists who usually have their own practice or work in a hospital.

What if I need a biopsy or am diagnosed with a serious skin condition?

Should the dermatologist discover a potentially serious problem, such as skin cancer, you will be advised to make an appointment at the practice at short notice for a biopsy or further tests.

Is Skindr also available on weekends?

Skindr is permanently available. You can send the dermatologist photos and the description of your problem at any time that is convenient for you. Every dermatologist gives advice as soon as possible but even they deserve a break on weekends.

Is a Skindr consultation reimbursed through health insurance?

There is no refund for a consultation via Skindr. For a consultation at the dermatologist's office, you pay between €50 and €90 in Belgium. Most dermatologists charge €55 for an in-office consultation. You get €21 of that back through your health insurance company. You pay about the same via Skindr in most cases. The average waiting time for an in-office consultation in Belgium is 4 months, but 6 months or more is no exception. With Skindr, you get an answer on average within 48 hours and you don't have to travel.

What will my photos be used for?

Your photos will only be used by your doctor while examining your condition and drawing up an advice. Your photos will never be published.

Can I start a consultation for my child?

To use Skindr, you must be at least 18 years old. As a parent, however, you can request a consultation for your minor child. It works as follows:

1) You will be asked to upload photos and provide a description of your child's skin condition.

2) Then you can check off who the consultation is for. You can enter your child's information.

3) Finally, fill in your own contact information .

You, as the parent, will do the communication with the doctor. Of course, this can also be used for other family members or persons you are acting for.

How long does it take to get an answer from a Skindr dermatologist?

Skindr dermatologists will try to answer your question as soon as possible. This is usually within 48h.

What is the cost of a Skindr consultation?

A consultation with a dermatologist via Skindr costs €39. The doctor reviews your information and photos and sends you an advice and possibly a prescription for the necessary medication. You can ask additional questions to your dermatologist via chat.

Can I use Skindr on vacation?

Skindr can also be used on vacation. Your dermatologist can make prescriptions that are also valid in foreign pharmacies. Just let your dermatologist know that you are abroad, so they can provide a prescription in pdf format.

Can I use Skindr for any skin disease?

Skindr is there for all your concerns regarding your skin. So you can come to us with any skin condition. This also applies to the following conditions:

- problems with hair or hair loss

- problems with nails

- problems with sweating

Can I use Skindr for concerns about hair?

Yes, hair loss is a common problem that you can also come to our dermatologists with. A consultation for a hair problem proceeds just like any other consultation. If it is too difficult to take pictures of your hair yourself, have someone else take a picture of your condition.

Can I ask questions? And for how long?

Through the chat in the platform, you can ask all your questions to your dermatologist, just like in a physical consultation. Our dermatologists are happy to help you with your concerns and will always provide concrete answers to your questions about your skin condition. You can ask them throughout the consultation and at follow-up appointments.

These remain open for one week to accommodate additional concerns. After a week, your dermatologist will close the consultation. So be sure to ask your questions within that week.

Will I get follow-up for my skin problem?

Absolutely. In most cases, a skin condition does not disappear overnight, and we want to provide patients with appropriate care throughout the entire healing process. The dermatologist decides when you can start a (paying) follow-up consultations to follow up on how your healing process is progressing, make adjustments as needed or provide a new prescription. During the online follow-ups, you can upload new photos of your condition and ask questions to your dermatologist.

What if I need a physical appointment?

In 95% of cases, the dermatologist can give you an advice and treatment plan based on photos, so without a physical appointment. In doing so, the dermatologist will always be attentive and ask themselves whether a physical appointment is beneficial.

If it turns out that your specific skin condition does require further examination in a practice, we will make sure you can visit the nearest Skindr dermatologist as soon as possible .

Can I start a consultation for a problem with sweating?

Yes you can. Excessive sweating is a skin problem that many people face. It can lead to irritation and a lot of discomfort. Our dermatologists can help you with this. Because sweating is difficult to capture in photographs, we ask that you include as much information as possible in the description. That way, our dermatologists can provide specific advice.

Can the dermatologist assess my condition from photographs?

Yes, the dermatologist can give you a correct advice based on photos. If the photos are not clear enough, the dermatologist will ask to upload additional photos. If it would still be impossible to draw up an advice, you will get a physical appointment.

Why do I still get acne after the age of 25?

Don't worry, late onset acne is very common and seen mostly in women. The trigger is an excess of male hormones. Many women stop taking the pill that until then has protected them from sebaceous glands. When that protection is removed, androgenic hormones are given leeway and can stimulate the sebaceous glands. In men, there is a better hormonal balance, but supplements can trigger acne later in life.

Do you prescribe rocaccutane?

Yes, in severe forms of acne, your treatment may switch to isotretinoin, the active ingredient in roaccutane. However, we rarely start a course with isotretinoin: we always choose the treatment that may have the fewest side effects first. Where you start in the spectrum, from light to heavy treatment, depends on the severity of your acne.

How can I start a consultation for my child?
  1. Check who you are doing the consultation for and enter the name.
  2. Upload photos of the condition and provide a description.
  3. First, enter your child's information. Then check that your information is correct.
  4. Chat with the dermatologist about your child's skin problem.
  5. Receive advice and treatment plan within 48 hours on average.

My child has eczema, what can I do myself?
  1. First of all, it is important that your child cannot scratch the eczema. This is because if they scratch the eczema open it can cause further infection.
  2. Second, baby's skin needs to be moisturized as much as possible. So lubricate, lubricate, lubricate with mild bath oil and skin lotion.
  3. Finally, it is best to avoid rough fabrics (such as wool) and motions (such as dry rubbing).
  4. Get professional guidance from an experienced dermatologist to get eczema under control.
What can a dermatologist do for hair loss?

From a medical examination, the dermatologist can help you determine what type of hair loss is involved and what is causing it. This is crucial to achieving lasting results. In fact, the dermatologist can then address your hair problem in depth and in a personalized manner.

What are possible treatments for hair loss?

Treatment of hair loss depends on the type and causes. Local treatment with minoxidil (stimulates blood flow) or medication with finasteride (counteracts hormone that shrivels hair follicles) is often used.

With alopecia areata or other inflammatory diseases, we look more towards local cortisone or long-term low-dose antibiotics for treatment, with telogen hair loss we address the cause directly (e.g., replenishing blood deficiencies). More info can be found in this blog.

How do I upload pictures of my hair?

A consultation for a hair problem is just as confidential and reliable as any other consultation. Therefore, we also ask you to upload photos. Of course, we understand that taking a picture of your hair is not obvious. You can do this:

  1. Have someone else take a picture
  2. Take a clear overview photo of your entire scalp
  3. If there is a skin change such as redness or inflammation, try to visualize it well.

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