Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload pictures of my hair?

A consultation for a hair problem is just as confidential and reliable as any other consultation. Therefore, we also ask you to upload photos. Of course, we understand that taking a picture of your hair is not obvious. You can do this:

  1. Have someone else take a picture
  2. Take a clear overview photo of your entire scalp
  3. If there is a skin change such as redness or inflammation, try to visualize it well.
What are possible treatments for hair loss?

Treatment of hair loss depends on the type and causes. Local treatment with minoxidil (stimulates blood flow) or medication with finasteride (counteracts hormone that shrivels hair follicles) is often used.

With alopecia areata or other inflammatory diseases, we look more towards local cortisone or long-term low-dose antibiotics for treatment, with telogen hair loss we address the cause directly (e.g., replenishing blood deficiencies). More info can be found in this blog.

What can a dermatologist do for hair loss?

From a medical examination, the dermatologist can help you determine what type of hair loss is involved and what is causing it. This is crucial to achieving lasting results. In fact, the dermatologist can then address your hair problem in depth and in a personalized manner.

Reliable advice from a dermatologist has never been closer.

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