Frequently Asked Questions

Can the dermatologist assess my condition from photographs?

Yes, the dermatologist can give you a correct advice based on photos. If the photos are not clear enough, the dermatologist will ask to upload additional photos. If it would still be impossible to draw up an advice, you will get a physical appointment.

Will my photos be kept confidential?

Sure. As part of your medical record and in line with GDPR legislation, photos are stored on secure servers in a controlled environment. Our strict security and privacy standards ensure the absolute protection of your personal information. Therefore, your patient record will not be shared with anyone who does not have the authority to do so. Please review our terms & conditions and privacy policy if you would like more information.

What if medication is needed? How will I receive my prescription?

If you need medication, the Skindr dermatologist will prescribe it and it will be available on your ID card. If you are abroad and need a prescription in pdf form, you can ask your dermatologist during the consultation.

What if I need a biopsy or am diagnosed with a serious skin condition?

Should the dermatologist discover a potentially serious problem, such as skin cancer, you will be advised to make an appointment at the practice at short notice for a biopsy or further tests.

How qualified are the Skindr dermatologists?

The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr are qualified and certified dermatologists who usually have their own practice or work in a hospital.

Is Skindr also available on weekends?

Skindr is permanently available. You can send the dermatologist photos and the description of your problem at any time that is convenient for you. Every dermatologist gives advice as soon as possible but even they deserve a break on weekends.

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