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Beyond the physical symptoms, acne is often an exhausting search for what really works for you. Get assistance from a team of dermatologists through Skindr.
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Acne can feel like a lonely quest, but with Skindr, you are no longer alone.

We guide you on your way to healthier skin, step by step.

Our dermatologists are ready to give you the care your skin needs.

We listen to your story

What works for someone else may not work for you. We take the time to understand your skin, background, frustrations, attempts and goals.

We follow you from start to finish

From smooth communication to follow-ups at key points in your journey, you will be supported by a medical expert throughout your treatment.

We treat the underlying cause

We analyze what specifically is causing your acne and why. That becomes the basis of your customized course.

We go for improvement that you can see

Thousands of acne patients finally found the treatment that works for them instead of against them. Your journey ends with more even skin and the knowledge to take care of it in the long run.

How it works

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    Personal intake

    Load up photos via the Skindr app and tell us more about your specific situation.
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    Tailor-made trajectory

    Your dermatologist will suggest treatment and place prescriptions on your ID card.
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    Medical advice and support

    You will remain in contact with your dermatologist for questions and further follow-up.

Types of acne that our dermatologists successfully treat.

Mild acne

Especially whiteheads and blackheads, without inflammatory reaction.

Hormonal acne

Acne flare-ups caused by hormonal shifts.

Cystic acne

Painful inflammation deeper in the skin.

Late onset acne

Acne that occurs after age 25, usually with a hormonal cause.


Acne on your back, chest or shoulders.


Damage to skin texture due to inflammation.


Persistent discoloration of the skin due to inflammation.

Why our approach works.‍

Finding the right solution for your acne can feel like an endless quest. No longer, enter Skindr.

Thorough investigation,

The time, energy and money you've already put into your skin care are precious. We go to great lengths to get it right this time. With a personalized journey that respects your quest.

A medical expert
‍ byyour side.

We match you with an expert who will work with you to find the right skin care for your skin: before, during and after your treatment. Your dermatologist guides you through this unique quest anytime, anywhere and helps you understand your acne on your own. No more trial and error, but a medically based skincare routine.

A long-lasting result
you can see.

Your dermatologist is closer than ever: your progress is closely monitored and adjusted as needed, because we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution to acne. By following up and communicating more regularly and directly, we work toward lasting results.
"Waiting four months for a dermatologist appointment? Skindr gets rid of it."
"Because consultations continue online, there is much more time and space to listen to the patient."
"After you upload some photos, your skin is matched to a skin doctor. It's not really romantic but it's immensely helpful."

Our medical specialists are here for you.

Our medical team consists of experienced certified dermatologists for whom the patient is always the focus. Each of them therefore consciously chooses scientifically based, but also personal and respectful care. No rushed consultations, but quick advice and professional support.
Dr. Annelies Avermaete
Dermatologist & Co-founder Skindr
How it works (25sec).

Simple price, inestimable value.

First Consultation

Online in-take with a certified dermatologist who will create a treatment with prescription for you based on your photos and information.
reply within 48h
Available 24/7

Our patients speak out.


Very quick response and good follow-up without months of waiting. Very nice experience and I can recommend it to anyone.
Helped in 30 hours

Great help with follow-up advice

"We used Skindr when we needed help fast and couldn't find a dermatologist anywhere who could see us within six months. We received a quick response, a thorough explanation and the prescriptions were neatly written on our ID card each time. We were helped well and were also given follow-up advice. Highly recommended!"
Helped in 23 hours

No waiting time, immediate help

"I got to know Skindr while scrolling on Instagram. As a mom with young children, long waiting times at dermatologists quickly caused procrastination, which only exacerbated my son's problem. Skindr is a breath of fresh air, just a few hours later we knew what to do and I was able to ask additional questions. Super! I definitely recommend it!"
Helped in 11 hours


I received help from a fantastic doctor who has the right knowledge and lots of patience. Super satisfied.
Helped in 18 hours

Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience! Started a consultation on Sunday morning, received response and prescription on my ID card by evening. No hassle and no weeks of waiting.
Helped in 28 hours

Reassured by a real doctor

Highly recommend if you are worried about a mole and have to wait four months for a consultation. Now you can get a professional answer within one day.
Helped in 16 hours

Together towards your ideal skincare routine.

Finding the right skincare routine during and after your acne treatment is often trial and error. Your dermatologist will help guide you through all the products. So that your treatment can work optimally and your sensitive skin is as soft and well cared for as possible.

Learn to understand your acne even better

In our free acne guide, our dermatologists tell you everything you've always wanted to know about acne: from cause to treatment, from skincare to myths.
Download the free acne guide

We are happy to help you

Do you prescribe rocaccutane?

Yes, in severe forms of acne, your treatment may switch to isotretinoin, the active ingredient in roaccutane. However, we rarely start a course with isotretinoin: we always choose the treatment that may have the fewest side effects first. Where you start in the spectrum, from light to heavy treatment, depends on the severity of your acne.

Why do I still get acne after the age of 25?

Don't worry, late onset acne is very common and seen mostly in women. The trigger is an excess of male hormones. Many women stop taking the pill that until then has protected them from sebaceous glands. When that protection is removed, androgenic hormones are given leeway and can stimulate the sebaceous glands. In men, there is a better hormonal balance, but supplements can trigger acne later in life.

Reliable advice from a dermatologist has never been closer.

How it works (25sec).