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Skindr is GDPR-proof software for dermatologists to diagnose and follow up patients online, integrated in your own website.


Fast And Secure Online Patient Intake And Follow Up

software to power up your dermatology office

GDPR Compliant Medical Data Storage and Processing

Skindr has a privacy by design product development process and securely processes and stores data in a GDPR compliant way.

Efficient Patient Intake, Triage & Diagnosis

Skindr has been built with the workflow of the dermatologist in mind. Skindr structures patient's requests to help save time for the dermatologist.

Online Communication, Automated Follow-up and Payment

Skindr elevates the patient's experience and optimizes the time-consuming parts for dermatologists.


Patients Send Pictures Securely Via Mobile or Web

Patients can send pictures via web or mobile along with a description of their condition and history.

Easy to use
Works on web and mobile
Secure Online payment
Integrated in your website

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Easily communicate the diagnosis and treatment plan. Dermatologists can use Skindr's predefined consultation templates to optimize communication speed.

Analyse condition

Review the information and pictures provided in a user friendly way.

Easily select diagnosis and treatment plan

Choose from the standard ICD10 database of conditions and create a treatment plan easily.

Automate communication

Speed up communication to your patients using one of the Skindr's predefined communication templates or create your own.

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Easy and automated follow-up

Patients communicate through Skindr and receive automated follow up appointments

Easy to manage
Automated reminders

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